Triffids Plant DNA Tests Explained: Sex, THC and CBD

Molecular breeding explained

Triffid take a highly specific approach to test your plants for gender, and the major Cannabinoid products, THC and CBD. Our tests target regions of the Cannabis genome that underlie these important characteristics.

Because we look into the DNA of your plants, we can identify males and females with a small leaf sample collected just 10 days after germination. In addition, we can identify plants that are THC or CBD dominant, and plants that may make a bit of both. These tests are valuable for production and breeding, and saving time, resources and greenhouse space. Meaning, more profit for your business.

Plant DNA Testing

Plant DNA Testing
  • Identify male & female seedlings
  • Categorise seedlings for major Cannabinoid expression: THC and CBD
  • THC-dominant (Type I)
  • THC:CBD-balanced (Type II)
  • CBD-dominant (Type III)
  • More test targets are under development and coming soon. Some that we can disclose:
  • CBG-dominant
  • CBC biosynthesis
  • Mildew tolerance
  • Flowering time, photoperiod, autoflower

How much money will you save using DNA analysis?


Bench space: 50 SQM

Time to complete: 8 weeks

Staff resources: 70 hours

Electricity: 1008 kWh

Lost flower production: 15,000 g


Bench space: 1 SQM

Time to complete: 3 weeks

Staff resources: 10 hours

Electricity: 378 kWh

Lost flower production: 300 g


Molecular Breeding Explained

Molecular Breeding Explained

DNA is the molecule that plants use to store all the information required to build itself, and is primarily responsible for the plants physical appearance .DNA is inherited from parent to child, and is contained with-in the nucleus of every plant cell. At the earliest...