Regulations & Compliance



Triffid’s personnel foster close ties within Thailand’s medicinal cannabis and hemp industries, having actively participated in cannabis-specific commercial and academic initiatives within the Kingdom since 2019.

Drawing from our extensive experience working in the region, our services are designed to facilitate and expedite both foreign and domestic interests.

  🡪 Regulatory guidance 

Thailand’s medicinal cannabis and hemp regulations are complex and in flux. Understanding and staying up to date with them is essential if you intend to operate within the Kingdom.

We also provide guidance on cross-border regulations, i.e. traversing multi-layered international quarantine and import/export laws.

  🡪 Intermediary services

Failing to recognise the idiosyncratic differences between cultures can result in set-backs and delays, or simply short-circuit business negotiations altogether.

Triffid’s consultants have experience in brokering commercial deals, and mediating arrangements between foreign companies and local universities, specifically for medicinal cannabis and hemp.

  🡪 Due diligence 

It’s generally a good idea to have an independent party assess a company, product or claim prior to a transactional event.

Unfortunately, scam companies in Thailand’s medicinal cannabis industry have become increasingly common. Please see our webpage on Critical Analyses and Technical Due Diligence services for more details.