Regulations & Compliance


Technical Due Diligence Audits

Do you need an expert’s opinion on a Cannabis company’s information memorandum or pitch deck?

Is a potential M/A event contingent on properly evaluating the existence, usefulness or authenticity of proprietary technology?

Are you considering investing significant capital into systems or hardware (such as lights), but all you have is marketing material and whitepapers published by the manufacturer?

It makes sense to get an unbiased opinion in all these cases.

Drawing on strong scientific and commercial foundations, Triffid provides 2 services as an independent and qualified assessor of products, technology and companies, within Triffid’s domain––agri-biotech & regulated crops.

1. Critical Analysis & Reviews

  • External independent review of products, technologies and companies. 
  • The depth of an analysis can be varied as needed. 
  • Note, any materials we examine are always obtained from the public domain, or that which you provide us––we never provide information on our clients due to our strict confidentiality policy, regardless the topic. 

2. Technical Due Diligence

  • Formal technical due diligence audits, requiring access to a data room (authorised by the auditee), including interviews with management, tech & science personnel. 
  • Typically expands into areas of intellectual property (e.g. analysis of patent claims), finance and operations. Generally, we’ll work in with other auditors who specialise in those areas.