Product Import


Product Import

Triffid’s technical and regulatory services allow you to focus on business development, marketing and sales.

Our platform manages your regulatory & technical risks.

Australia’s Medicinal Cannabis market generated $100M in revenue in 2020, and is expected to generate a further $200M in 2021.

The days of patient access delays are over, with 170 authorised prescribers and 45,000 active patients spending in excess of $300 per month.

Australia’s Medicinal Cannabis market is an attractive commercial prospect for product importers & distributors.

Product import with Triffid

1. You identify the product and its supplier
2. Triffid will:

  • Define the regulatory path from international supplier to patient
  • Audit the supplier & confirm the product meets Australian quality standards

3. With assurance, you establish key business commercials:

  • Commercial agreement with supplier
  • Engage Australian practitioners for patient supply

4. Triffid’s regulatory & technical service platform takes over:

  • Establish technical & service agreements
  • Licenced import of product consignment
  • Compliant storage, distribution & records systems
  • Manage all TGA administration, applications & notifications
  • Provide ongoing product records & quality management

5. With confidence, you retain focus on making sales & building your business

Streamline your business and reduce risks with our regulatory and technical services for product importers and sponsors.


How we help producers, breeders & researchers

Regulations & Compliance

Regulations & Compliance

Assistance navigating cross-border regulations; ensure compliance criteria is always satisfied

Planning & Design

Planning & Design

Draw on specialist expertise for forward-thinking & commercially sustainable strategies

Operational Support

Operational Support

Accelerate production, improve quality, expand your product portfolio & reduce COGs

Molecular Breeding

Molecular Tests

Provide accurate identification in less than half the time and avoid 90% of cultivation input costs