Molecular Breeding-I

Foundations of breeding success

The quick-start to your molecular breeding program. Triffid PreBreeder™ provides key data to anchor your breeding targets, setting the stage for elite germplasm development.



Consultation & Project Scope

We resolve your breeding ideas in context of regulatory and market-facing specifications, and available genetic resources.

Consultation & Project Scope overview:

  • Audit your staff, infrastructure and current practices to understand potential implementation barriers and risks
  • Conducted via online workshop, desktop audit/reviews
  • Includes a high level cost estimate for your envisaged program


Genetic Resource Survey

Determine the value of your genetics using precision genetic and phenotypic screens.



Genetic Resource Survey overview:
  • Genetic assessment via PCR, SNP array or sequencing
  • Phenotypic assessment of key commercial traits, assayed at your site
  • Pricing per sample number and population size


My Breeding Roadmap

Empowers you to execute on your breeding goals within your resources and capabilities.

My Breeding Roadmap overview:
  • On-site facilities audit & program design workshop
  • Staged breeding strategy, technology & method schedule
  • Crossing & selection plan, sampling & analytics schedule, detailed resource & costings estimate

Molecular Breeding

The fast & cost effective way to create elite germplasm using your Cannabis strains

Pheno Finder
Speed Breedr

Triffid’s breeding solutions are unique and are designed to bypass the time/cost issues that typically preclude small-medium sized farms from attaining commercially meaningful outcomes and an IP position.

Although creating elite germplasm is a minimum 2-3 year commitment, through our programs, your ROI is attained in the early stages. If you would like to find out more, contact us today.


Begin with insight

Gaining invaluable insights with our free consultation & evaluation is a no-brainer. Understand the feasibility of your objectives and let Triffid PreBreeder™ formulate the best strategies based on your unique circumstances.


Proceed with foresight

Creating elite germplasm has never been faster and more accessible thanks to Triffid PreBreeder™ – your molecular breeding roadmap, aligned with the commercial factors that are relevant to you.

Modern pheno-hunting

Traditional Cannabis “pheno-hunting” turbo-charged with modern digital measurements and powerful new data standards.

Pheno Finder

PhenoFinder® mitigates grower risk posed by unverified, unreliable and unstable Cannabis seed resources.

PhenoFinder® quantifies commercially-important production traits to accurately identify the highest-performing individual in your seed population. 


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