Planning & Design


Planning & Design

Draw on specialist expertise for forward-thinking & commercially sustainable Cannabis cultivation & processing strategies.

We provide input throughout all planning and design stages. Whether it’s a retrofit project requiring guidance, or managing a project from scratch, our experience and foresight will save you time and money.

How Triffid manages projects

Triffid’s phased programs are designed to get you operational in the shortest possible time.

Subsequent to completion of Phase 1, Phases 2 & 3 roll out simultaneously, maximising efficient use of time and capital resources.

We provide you with a clear plan, timeline and deliverables, progressing systematically through carefully choreographed Phases and Workshops.



Unbiased technical & commercial perspective

Gain insights about the many nuances of running a modern cannabis farm, and how they may impact your goals.

At Triffid, we take the time to analyse your core business requirements in context of regulations, different production models, profit margins, economies of scale and the rapid commoditisation of cannabis-based products.

Minimise avoidable setbacks and talk to us about having your site, plans or models independently evaluated.

Come away from this with an unbiased perspective of your current/future plans.



Conceptual plans & preliminary designs

Foresight is key to success: Proper early stage planning will save you time and money, and enable COGs modelling.

Let’s quantify your production capacity and determine a cost effective approach for meeting your products’ requisite specifications – factors that will influence the design of your operation.

Come away from this with confidence:

  1. By being able to clearly describe your production model to an audience.
  2. Due diligence-ready Technical Documents & Preliminary Designs illustrating the mechanics and output capacity of your production vehicle.


Detailed designs & project management

We provide detailed designs for controlled Cannabis growth environments of all types and sizes, including: indoor factories, greenhouses, outdoor farms, propagation and tissue culture rooms, plant breeding and research, and molecular biology laboratories.

We also manage and coordinate transparent partnership initiatives through our global network of industry-vetted specialists, thereby ensuring your project benefits from a cohesive collaboration of requisite expertise.

Implement forward-thinking design strategies for long-term business sustainability.


How we help producers, breeders & researchers

Regulations & Compliance

Regulations & Compliance

Assistance navigating cross-border regulations; ensure compliance criteria is always satisfied
Operational Support

Operational Support

Accelerate production, improve quality, expand your product portfolio & reduce COGs

Molecular Breeding

Molecular Tests

Provide accurate identification in less than half the time and avoid 90% of cultivation input costs

Regulations & Compliance

Product Import

Regulatory and technical services for product importers and sponsors