Modern pheno-hunting

Strain selection for commercial production

PhenoFinder unites traditional Cannabis “pheno-hunting” with modern digital measurements and a powerful new set of data standards.

PhenoFinder mitigates grower risk posed by the biggest problem in commercial Cannabis: germplasm unreliability & ambiguity.

Most Cannabis seed marketed is generated through poly-hybrid crosses

  • Seeds do not perform as promised by the vendor
  • Unreliable & unstable populations
  • Lack of agronomic & best-practice cultivation advice
  • Unwelcome surprises: hermaphrodism, Botrytis susceptibility, viral load
  • No accountability or legal recourse if genetics under-perform

PhenoFinder® is the solution to unstable Cannabis genetics

Regulations & Compliance

High Performance

Captures the highest-performing individuals from your seed batch.

Operational Support

Reduce Timeframe

Drastically reduces the timeframe normally associated with screening for commercially desirable individuals.

Molecular Breeding

Reduce Human Error & Bias

Extremely powerful at identifying unique or valuable traits that could otherwise be missed due to human error or bias.

Utilise your genetics collection to create new designer strains with Triffid Bioscience® molecular breeding services…


Molecular Breeding

The fast & cost effective way to create elite germplasm using your Cannabis strains

Pheno Finder
Speed Breedr

Triffid BioScience breeding solutions are unique and are designed to bypass the time/cost issues that typically preclude small-medium sized farms from attaining commercially meaningful outcomes and an IP position.

Although creating elite germplasm is a minimum 2-3 year commitment, through our programs, your ROI is attained in the early stages. If you would like to find out more, contact us today.