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PBR and IP Protection

You have solved the biggest problem in the Cannabis industry today:


  • Unvalidated and poorly documented germplasm resources.
  • Highly variable and unpredictable poly-hybrid seed.
The investment to establish your production cultivar/strain can be protected using Triffid BioScience® Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) service…Laying foundation for commercialisation.

PBR registration provides 20 years protection of the name and commercial use (e.g. propagation, licensing, patents on plant materials/applications) derived from your unique cultivars

Triffid BioScience® PBR service at a glance:

Triffid BioScience® will help you through the PBR process
Regulations & Compliance


Design & implement trials at your site.
Regulations & Compliance


Mediate all arrangements with PBR Office
Molecular Breeding


Streamline the registration process & ensure outcome

Provisional protection can be achieved in approximately 4 months, subsequently you can use the PBR logo when marketing your cultivars.

Completion to full rights granting usually requires 12-18 months.

Concurrent registration of multiple varieties is the most efficient approach to manage costs and time.

Triffid BioScience® PBR service is delivered in two phases so you ultimately remain in control, but we lead you through the entire process.

Service phase

Triffid BioScience® service inclusions


Review existing cultivar data

Review resources & facilities

Identification of distinct traits

Restrain trial parameters

1-4 months
Preliminary data collection Support Part 1 application
Prepare part 1 Application Provisional protection for 12 months; preliminary distinctness characteristics
Comparative trial design in consultation with grower & PBR office Balance commercial constraints, trial costs and PBR requirements
6-12 months
Analyse trial data To support claims of distinctness, uniformity & stability
Prepare Part 2 Application Describes breeding procedure, trial report and variety description
Consultation for examination & 3rd-party opposition (if required)  For 6 months after description publication

As part of our breeding service PreBreeder™ Triffid BioScience® helps develop a strategy to protect your valuable IP.

Protection through Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) and the Standard Patent System can provide strong protection as a foundation for your path to commercialisation.

The table below summarises some of the key aspects of PBR & Patents in the context of plant-associated IP. 


Plant Breeders Rights (PBR/PVR)

Standard Patents

Protection Provided
  • New plant varieties & names (similar to a trademark)
  • 20 years protection
  • Plants, plant parts & products, methods of production or use of products
  • 20 years protection
  • Variety must be new, distinct & stable
  • Must be novel, have an industrial application and an inventive step
  • Part 1: Breeding, preliminary claims of distinctness (12 months provisional protection) 
  • Growing trials: substantiate the distinctness & stability
  • Part 2: Trial report, detailed description and final registration
  • Application (establish Priority Date)
  • Examination within 55 months (std.)
  • Granted if all requirements are met
  • Patent must be examined/accepted before you can enforce your rights
How Triffid BioScience® helps
  • Accredited by IP Australia to certify PBR applications 
  • Design, analyse and report on trials
  • Submit applications
  • Triffid BioScience® integrates IP strategies into your genetics development program as part of PreBreeder
  • We also work with patent attorneys who specialise in this area to support development of draft patent applications