DNA tests: Sex, THC & CBD


DNA tests: Sex, THC & CBD

Test Cannabis DNA to accelerate production, minimise risks, reduce COGs!

Triffid’s inexpensive DNA tests for gender, and THC / CBD types I, II and III, allow you to identify critical traits within 3 weeks of germination.

  • Provides hemp growers with predictive assurance for THC compliance.
  • Allows commercial producers to identify and cull unwanted seedlings early, save time, facility & staff resources.

Plant DNA Testing

Plant DNA Testing
  • Identify male & female seedlings
  • Categorise seedlings for major Cannabinoid expression: THC and CBD
  • THC-dominant (Type I)
  • THC:CBD-balanced (Type II)
  • CBD-dominant (Type III)
  • More test targets are under development and coming soon. Some that we can disclose:
  • CBG-dominant
  • CBC biosynthesis
  • Mildew tolerance
  • Flowering time, photoperiod, autoflower

How much money will you save using DNA analysis?


Bench space: 50 SQM

Time to complete: 8 weeks

Staff resources: 70 hours

Electricity: 1008 kWh

Lost flower production: 15,000 g


Bench space: 1 SQM

Time to complete: 3 weeks

Staff resources: 10 hours

Electricity: 378 kWh

Lost flower production: 300 g

Our gender and Cannabinoid-type tests provide accurate identification in less than half the time and avoid 90% of cultivation input costs (labour, facility space) required to observe the traits at flowering. Apply modern biotech tools early and benefit with bigger profits.



Our tests aid production, breeding and compliance. Some examples:

  • Cull males early from non-feminised seed batches
  • Molecular breeding for Cannabinoid Type I, II & III varieties.
  • Streamline THC compliance for industrial hemp breeding.
  • Manage heterozygosity of THC & CBD alleles for accurate and rapid breeding.

How it works

You collect and dispatch, Triffid delivers results in 10 business days.

Triffid provides:

  • Sampling SOP
  • Sample collection boxes
  • Sample tracking spreadsheet
  • Packaging & shipping materials


How we help producers, breeders & researchers

Regulations & Compliance

Regulations & Compliance

Assistance navigating cross-border regulations; ensure compliance criteria is always satisfied

Planning & Design

Planning & Design

Draw on specialist expertise for forward-thinking & commercially sustainable strategies

Operational Support

Operational Support

Accelerate production, improve quality, expand your product portfolio & reduce COGs

Regulations & Compliance

Product Import

Regulatory and technical services for product importers and sponsors