Regulations & Compliance


Commercial & Feasibility Analysis

If you are new to the Cannabis industry, or simply trying to make an informed business decision, it may be valuable to gauge the commercial landscape or gain insights into Cannabis-specific financial and production metrics.

Triffid undertakes feasibility studies, drawing on our depth of technical and operational experience in commercial cannabis farming, including intellectual property & genetics development, and cross-border regulations & quality compliance.

We cover a broad range of setups and environments, including cultivation, primary processing, manufacturing, breeding and in-house testing facilities.

We recommend these services as a preliminary, practical and inexpensive industry entry point––certainly before committing to licence applications and facility designs.

Some examples of the types of topics an analysis may cover, depending on your needs:

  • Production metrics (yield/waste/by-products, etc.)

  • Revenue/margin estimates

  • Site preparations

  • CapEx and OpEx estimates

  • Systems, hardware and consumables

  • Scaling challenges

  • Required personnel skill-sets

  • Compliance and regulations

  • IP capture and commercialisation

    • SWOT analysis