Reshaping Cannabinoid Agriculture

Triffid BioScience provides specialised solutions for modern cannabinoid farming

Our products & services benefit licenced companies and research institutes, encompassing all aspects of planning, design, operations and genetics.

We are accredited by IP Australia to consult on Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) for Cannabis cultivar (strain) registration.


How we help producers, breeders & researchers

Regulations & Compliance

Regulations & Compliance

Assistance navigating cross-border regulations; ensure compliance criteria is always satisfied
Planning & Design

Planning & Design

Draw on specialist expertise for forward-thinking & commercially sustainable strategies
Operational Support

Operational Support

Accelerate production, improve quality, expand your product portfolio & reduce COGs
Molecular Breeding

Molecular Breeding

The fast & cost effective way to create elite germplasm

About Triffid

Triffid BioScience is helping to modernise cannabinoid agriculture. With our foundations in biological sciences and high-tech commercial horticulture, we help you to make informed and evidence-based decisions, enabling you to mitigate against a wide spectrum of industry-specific risks, meet your production targets, and to scale.

We provide best-practice industry solutions across key areas of:

At Triffid, we hold our professional services to the highest standards, with particular focus on exceptional communication and training, technical precision and problem solving – and fast turnaround times.

Modern pheno-hunting

Traditional Cannabis “pheno-hunting” turbo-charged with modern digital measurements and powerful new data standards.

Pheno Finder

PhenoFinder® mitigates grower risk posed by unverified, unreliable and unstable Cannabis seed resources.

PhenoFinder® quantifies commercially-important production traits to accurately identify the highest-performing individual in your seed population. 

Molecular Breeding

The fast & cost effective way to create elite germplasm using your Cannabis strains

Pheno Finder
Speed Breedr

Triffid’s breeding solutions are unique and are designed to bypass the time/cost issues that typically preclude small-medium sized farms from attaining commercially meaningful outcomes and an IP position.

Although creating elite germplasm is a minimum 2-3 year commitment, through our programs, your ROI is attained in the early stages. If you would like to find out more, contact us today.



Q: What is a molecular marker?

In plant breeding, a molecular marker is a DNA sequence that is reliably inherited with a physical characteristic or phenotype.

Q: Why are molecular markers useful?

Molecular markers can offer faster, more reliable and lower cost identification of desirable plants than traditional direct observation of the characteristic.

Q: Do molecular markers make GMOs?

No. Molecular markers are just a better way to screen for natural variation. Its conventional plant breeding, at a fraction of the cost and time.

Q: Can molecular markers be used for organic production?

Breeding new plant varieties that are disease resistant and require less fertiliser and water, is a great place to start for organic sustainable cultivation. Molecular markers can make the breeding process more accurate, faster and cheaper compared with traditional phenotypic selection.

Q: How long does it take to get a Medicinal Cannabis Licence?

While Triffid does all it can to streamline the process and provide accurate information in licence applications, the Office of Drug Control state that they “endeavour to process applications within 195 business days.”

Q: How can we reduce the processing time of our licence application?

It is critical to get all elements of your licence application correct at the time of submission. This may seem obvious, however, the Australian Medicinal Cannabis industry is plagued by delays from licensing variations and slow response to Office of Drug Control requests for further information. Both scenarios result from rushed, uninformed and short-sighted licence applications that are not realistic or planned with best-practice commercial production models.

Q: I have a special Cannabis strain, how can I protect and monetise it?

Triffid can help you qualify the value of your unique Cannabis strains and set you up for commercialisation. Briefly, intellectual property held in plants can be protected via Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) to control production of the plant and use of its marketing name, or via the patent system to control use of the variety, its components or products from the variety. As Cannabis was largely illegal to develop during the 20th century, a great opportunity exists via establishment of IP position and commercialisation.

Q: Does Triffid provide access to Medicinal Cannabis products?

No we do not. You need a prescription from a registered doctor.

Q: What is a Triffid?

An aggressive, sentient plant…probably science fiction.



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Triffids Plant DNA Tests Explained: Sex, THC and CBD

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Molecular Breeding Explained

Molecular Breeding Explained

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